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The legs of the installation meet below its centre of gravity, similarly to a chameleon balancing on a branch of a tree waiting for its prey. This is where the name of the installation comes from. During the night the colour of the installation changes continuously in order to become a striking spectacle, as opposed to the mimicry of chameleons who blend in with their surroundings.
The canopy- bamboo installation was designed for the opening of the residential park. It is a remarkable visual element which dominates the space. Considering its size, such a canopy system can be interpreted primarily as environmental art or rather a certain kind of sculpture. It dominates and reinterprets its surroundings, creating an unique and festive atmosphere. At the same time it also has additional functions (shade, rain shelter an information carrier). This unique installation was prepared especially for this occasion. Chameleon was exhibited in the Museum of Applied Arts at the Hungarian Design Awards in 2003.


date: 2003
public space light-space modulator
venue:Kleopátra Ház residential park, Budapest
Size: 6x5x8m
material: tensioned PTP canopy structure with inner lighting on bamboo legs
client: Autóker Holding Plc.
design: Medence Csoport
contributors: Antal Bodóczky, András Milkovits