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At the Körzőgyár Gallery we mounted an exhibition entitled Oriental Material – Occidental Design on the Architecture Month.
Subjects: /why bamboo above all materials?/ bamboo as a plant/ bamboo as material/ pre-figurations / bamboo architecture around the world/ thousand items made of bamboo/ in need of a team/ joints/ bamboo-bamboo/ bamboo-textile/ bamboo-glass/ bamboo-metal/ designs/ assembling-disassembling on the spot/ teamwork/ Octopus multi-art site/




exhibition installation


Körzőgyár Gallery, Budapest

MakettLabor Gallery, Budapest


size: 7 pieces of cylinders (diameter: 65cm, height: 65cm)

bamboo poles, printed plexiglas with inner lighting


design: Gergő Magyar, Tóbiás Terebessy

graphics: András Gross

contributor: Bence Buczkó


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