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This installation is based on the poem of János Pilinszky with the same title (Straight Labyrinth / Egyenes labirintus).

The labyrinth consists of three corridors. In the two external corridors heading straight ahead is possible. At the entrance one can see the poem printed on a plastic sheet and behind of a focused light. This focus is presented in the poem as follows:
“What will it be like in the end, this free-fall on open wings, this flight into the fiery focus, the communal nest?”  Going around the sheet from the right one has two choices. One is to continue straight to the focus – this leads to the exit of the labyrinth with a right turn at the end of the way. The second choice is to follow the middle corridor which heads to the centre of the labyrinth. In the midway there is a foot-stall with a black telephone waiting on it. This is in fact a dead end, but lifting the receiver one can listen to the poet himself reciting his poem. In the middle of every labyrinth there is something which offers the possibility to be transformed, reborn and experience a catharsis. After turning back, reaching the focus and finally getting out from the labyrinth the traveller is going to be a different person from the one who entered the labyrinth.


date: 2003
Day of Poetry Festival, Ráday street, Budapest
3*12m, 3m high

bamboo and iron joints, plastic agricultural net old fashioned telephone on a foot-stand
Ráday Bookstore, György Orbán
Installation design: Zsófia Bérczi
Construction design: Tóbiás Terebessy
Contributors: Boldizsár Kő, András Milkovits, Adrienn Gyöngyösi