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The instrument was built upon order by Saatchi&Saatchi Hungary.

Its goal is to raise awareness of the wide variety of music offered to those sensitive to art at MÜPA Budapest.

It is an interactive toy for grown-ups that involves the audience and provides entertainment and a positive experience for both the operator of the machine and the bystander.


Description of the work


 Main parts of the instrument:

- Soundbox: it is to this part that the fastening of the springs responsible for production of sound are connected

- Springs are made to produce sound by twanging wheels

- Movement of the twanging wheels is ensured by the 350-550 pcs. 15mm diameter holes on the 750 cm long and 150 cm wide PVC sound tarp

- Movement of the tarp is ensured by 4 pieces of movement cylinders and 1 piece of suspension cylinder

- Cylinders are held in position by an aluminium stand that allows for fine tuning

- Positioning of the tarp is helped by the rubber tracks fastened on its sides that runs as part of a set of castor wheels

- movement of the tarp is ensured by a rubber coated castor wheel system that drives the 230 cm diameter 70 cm thick treadwheel

- Parts of the instrument are positioned correctly with the help of a 40 cm high 450 cm x 380 cm dais. 

- Design and construction were done in a way that the experimental mechanic models and prototypes were linked together

All of the parts underwent a number of modifications during the process.


It took a span of 11 months for the Soundmachine to reach its full and final realization from the point when the idea first came to existence. This process can be divided into 3 main parts:

- Concept and needs definition: 24 weeks

- Draft design: 4 weeks

- Final design, construction and installation: 17 weeks





Location: Alle Mall, Budapest


Size: 450cmX380cmX270cm


Material: staking, laminated wood, bamboo sheet, PVC tarp, plastic


Customer: Saatchi&Saatchi Hungary / MÜPA



Project manager - idea, design, construction management:
Tóbiás Terebessy 

Design partner, construction coordinator, technological development:
Péter Koros (korosdesign)
Digital solutions:

Viktor Vicsek





Mixi Garai

Construction works, consultant:

István Pintér

Technical consultant, tarp design, production:

András Gross

Technical consultant:

Gergely Magyar

Instrument technician, consultant, design of sound tarps, tuning:

Dániel Váczi

Instrument construction consultant, tuning:

Álmos Derzsi Pap

Amplification technique consultant and implementation:

István Pápai

Digital amplification, design, 3D model:

Viktor Vicsek

Fabric consultant:

Gábor Valló

Fabric consultant, implementation: 

Sándor Farkas, Krisztián Kocsárdi

Construction and implementation assistant:

János Mihályi

Photo: András Gross,

János Mihályi