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Planned to be situated on an area of more than one thousand m2 (being almost half of a football field in size) the park is not an exhibition but primarily a playground and an entertainment park where visitors can experience the nature of difficulties people with handicaps have to struggle with. Being mysterious in many ways this world is unknown to most people, its messages remain incomprehensible. This is the reason for the generally distant attitudes towards handicapped people.

“Imagine an entertainment park where you can try your abilities and in the meanwhile you can experience the status of handicapped people. This happens not generally, but based upon situations which can be lived in a very concrete, tangible and clear way. Imagine such a park where you can find out important and interesting facts about these people not through heart-breaking pictures, boring presentations or popular science brochures, but rather during exciting games. In the mobile park one can try out the wheelchair labyrinth and several parts of the obstacle course. Beside certain games, one can resort to other interactive games and interesting programs, too.




date: 2003

Seasonal entertainment theme park – concept plan


Size: 2500m2


Client – idea, concept plan:
Student Service Association:

Géza Nagy, Attila Baksa, Timea Sófalvi, Csaba Wolf


András Gross – Architectural concept plans, 3d visualization
Zsófia Bérczi – Labyrinth concept
Tóbiás Terebessy – Ferris wheel, promenade concept
Antal Bodóczky, Boldizsár Kő – Enchanted castle setting
Logo design: Csaba Szilágyi
Implementation of Ability Park Roadshow: Ger-Dach Mérnök Ltd.