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The work set up on Bakáts Square is an adaptation of the traditional Saxon rotating Christmas pyramid.
In Kő Boldizsár’s work at the top there are four angels and in the middle the holy family  -Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus- and the three kings. On the lower level there are the magistrates and the soldiers.

“A Christmas Pyramid  is a Christmas decoration that has its roots in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) of Germany but has become popular throughout the country. It is suggested that the Christmas pyramid is a predecessor of the Christmas tree.(…)” Bruce David-Christmas: A Candid History




7m high
BSH glued pine beams and planks, metal hubs
Aluminum slats on a metal shaft, 18 painted figures on plywood discs
Engine, electronics, 24 lights
Ferencváros Művelődési Ház kft.
Concept: Gross András
Designer - Contractor: Medence Csoport
Sculptures: Kő Boldizsár
Jancsó Gergő, Nyilas Kálmán, Ferenczi Miklós, Kőrösi István, Buczkó Bence, Seres Tibor, Szurovecz Roland
Photos: Gross András