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This composition contains 27 light sources of bamboo, enamelled to ebony.
The tension within the object is caused by the organic composition and the minimalist execution. Bamboo is floating in space just like it is being swept by natural forces, however, the almost imperceptible suspensions form a regular spatial network and the immaculate gleam of the surfaces confers the composition a character of Baroque ornamentation. Hanging on almost invisible Bowden cables, the composition is a snapshot of natural currents. It has an organic appearance with a Baroque gleam and high-tech minimalism.


date: 2007
composition of lights hanging above the bar counter
venue: Mokka Restaurant, Budapest
size: 10x1x1.2m
materials: enamelled bamboo, steel wire, glass
client: THEYCOM /third eye communication/ Art & Architecture Office
design: Gergő Magyar, Antal Bodóczky