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As one of Hungary's most popular wakeboard launch pads, the Bamboo Island stands in Lake Balaton, 100m far from the beach of Siófok. The bamboo shading structure was designed and built by Medence Csoport and has been assembled here since 2001 each summer season. Though the structure was designed for only three years, it has resisted extreme weather conditions for the last nine years. The design contains all the graphic elements.




date: 2001

bamboo shading structure


venue: Siófok - Balatonszabadi Fürdő, Lake Balaton, Hungary


size: area: 470 m2



bamboo poles on metal structures,

70m2 shading surface, reused aluminium and customised steel fasteners, Bowden cables


client: Infinity Sport Ltd.



András Gross, Gergő Magyar, Tóbiás Terebessy


Medence Csoport, Antal Bodóczky, Bence Buczkó, András Milkovits, Gergő Szilágyi

wakeboard lift, dock planning and construction:
Pentasí Ltd., László Bakró N., Lajos Jójárt

scaffolding: Miklós Iványi