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The exhibition consists of a flexible and adaptable panel system which is easy to assemble without tools. Since it is presented in different venues the main planning aspect was adaptability. The pedestals form a system that can be adapted to a given exhibition room. The elements of the exhibition are mounted on pallets, thus they can be easily moved with a manual pallet truck. Pedestals serve primarily for the display of the exhibits and secondly as packaging and a means of transportating the art works. Construction can be easily and safely done with belts and clasps without using any tools.


date: 2008-2009
mobile exhibition
Venue: Sopron, Győr, Kecskemét, Miskolc, Budapest, Szeged, Pécs, Vilnius /LT/
size: 200 – 300 m2
MDF body with enamelled surface installed on recycled plastic pallet, print mounted on PVC foam sheet, glued glass cases, belts with clasps, solid wood chocks, recycled banner coverings
client: Hungarian Design Council (Hungarian Patent Office)
design: András Gross, Kálmán Nyilas
contributor: Gergő Magyar, Bence Buczkó, Babett Hegedűs
graphics: László Zagyva
manufacture: Mermik Ltd., Enterteam Ltd.