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This project is a new, interactive and so far the most spectacular exhibition at the museum: a complex work of design and construction of the exhibition which includes unique multimedia and interactive elements, graphical design and software development.
Ferenc Hopp was a globe-trotter and art collector, Maecenas and last but not least, museum founder, who, in the course of his round-the-world trips was touched by the different cultures of remote countries. The purpose of the exhibition is to show these cultures through the eyes of the European traveller. As Ferenc Hopp was an optician his special approach can be observed with all the items he collected. Installations reflect his exceptional vision. There are 650 of most beautiful travelling momentoes presented; the atmosphere of oriental bazaars comes to life, as well as India in the 19th century, Southeast Asia, China and Japan. Without doubt, such a comprehensive exhibition cannot omit the old photographs and cameras which recorded the journey. The interactive part of the exhibition consists of stereo recordings which were very popular at the time and readings of the most representative parts of Hopp’s travel letters.


2007 - 2011
When the Gates of Asia Opened - The Travels and Treasures of Ferenc Hopp - permanent exhibition
Ferenc Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts, Budapest
Size: exhibition room of 180m2 with 650 exhibits
Client: Museum of Applied Arts, Zsuzsa Renner, PhD
Design: Tóbiás Terebessy
Curator: Györgyi Fajcsák, PhD; Béla Kelényi, PhD
Graphics: András Gross
Manufacture: Mermik Ltd.
Multimedia objects: József Tasnádi