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Fox spirits are sensual demons appearing in Chinese legends. In many cases they seduce and bewitch men. The scene setting also functions as an exhibition room which can be walked round. The materials chosen and the shapes rhyme with the mysterious nature of fox demons who are hardly  aware of being deceased.
In 2005 the performance won the Theatre Award of Budapest city for best alternative performance.


date: 2005-2009
visual dance theatre – installation for grown-ups 
venue: National Dance Theatre, Artus Dance Theatre
materials: 10 tons of demolished lumber on 300m2
a co- production of Artus Studio and Medence Csoport
space: Medence Csoport, Antal Bodóczky
authors and performers: Tamás Bakó, Katalin Dombi, Bea Gold, Péter Lipka, Gábor Kocsis, Andrea Nagy, Nina Umniakov
fox accomplices: György Tr. Szabó, István Oldal
costume design: Lőrincz Kriszta
contributors: Gábor Kocsis, István Oldal
production assistant: Anikó Rácz
stage director: Gábor Goda