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This is a composition of sculptures and video installations in space; a presentation of scenes interwoven with music and theatre elements. This performance embraces all our creative activities. We attempted to embody and animate our dreams in the huge space of the Exhibition Hall in Millenáris Building B.


date: 2003-2004
attraction theatre/acoustic visual space experience
venue: Millenáris, Building B – Exhibition Hall, Budapest
material:bamboo poles with total length of several kilometres in a 2000m2 area
A co-production of Medence Csoport and Millenáris Non Profit Company
sponsor: National Cultural Fund, Ministry of National Cultural Heritage, Karabuka Ltd.
conception: Zsófia Bérczi, Antal Bodóczky, András Gross, Gergő Magyar, Tóbiás Terebessy
The One Hundred Bamboos Company: Júlia Bársony, Zsófia Bérczi, Krisztina Birtalan, Antal Bodóczky, Barna Gábos, András Gross, Adrienn Gyöngyösi, Kata Kántor, Boldizsár Kő, Gergő Magyar, Márk Molnár, Zsolt Móninger, Fruzsina Nagy, Marci Németh, Ferenc Szarka, Tóbiás Terebessy
Voice Shepherds, Crane Dance, Mural of Heavens, Monotonous Metronome Man, The Bright Blind of Hanging Bamboos, The Tracking Tuft, Shiny Chameleon, Bamboo Quartet.