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Octopus came into being in 2003 as a home for literature, fine arts, and classical music programmes at the Sziget Festival.
This is the site where the grass remains green and everybody finds entertainment, from little kids to their grandparents. Groups of young artists and designers present their work in the Court and in the Artshop. Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design has its MOME tent for students, while MakettLabor’s workshop can be visited by those who would like to challenge their own creativity. They will find here the Labyrinth game; a popular activity of the Festival.
Programmes focus on a specific topic each year.
Selected topics have been so far: flight, the four elements, recycling, the water and the lack of water, light and political change.


date: 2003-
multi-art site
Sziget Festival, Budapest
client: Sziget Ltd.
host: Medence Csoport
organizer: Ágnes Ónody 2005-2010, Gergő Magyar
classical music programmes: Dávid Zsoldos and the team of the Fidelio
literature programmes: Eszter Balázs; Péter Rácz I.
film club: Zsolt Bredár
theatre and dance programmes: Artus / Gábor Goda, Anikó Rácz
Tarot labyrinth: Zsófi Bérczi and the Living Picture Theatre
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest: János Szirtes, Antal Bodóczky
RE+workshop: Medence Csoport