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Most events perceived and claimed from the world can be noted down, therefore they can be reproduced. However, our emotions and passions can only be expressed through art.
The main character in the performance is the dancer. She is constantly present on stage; either in reality or on the screen. Several times a motion-based dialogue evolves between the dancer and her projected image. The singer and the dancer represent different manifestations of the protagonist. The diverse terms of expressions are sometimes discordant and other times they evoke harmony. The different forms of communications are present to complete each other. The ideas which we wish to express emerge from different perspectives.


date: 2006-2007
dance production
venue: MU Theatre, Budapest
Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest
client: Trafó for the Festival Temps D’Image
choreography, conception, dancer, performer: Andrea Nagy
conception, video, stage setting, design: Tóbiás Terebessy