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The instruments used are 5-6m long bamboo poles that recall permanence through their monumentality and slow motion. Great humility, rigorousness and consciousness are needed to make them sound. Rhythmically emerging memories overwhelm our malleable reality depending on mechanical time. These are in fact the invisible vibrations of the friction between above and beneath. One specific moment is enough to experience the permanent resonance of infinity. The aim of our experience is to recall the memories of the waves of sound, time, and motion we all have discovered.


date: 2000-2009
solo movements and bamboo quartet on architectonic instruments – vibrato
Gallery of Arts, Budapest
Inspiration – evenings of young choreographers, Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, Budapest,  Matáv hall
5-6 m long bamboo poles
choreography, concept, players, instruments and visuals: Medence Csoport
solist: Brigitta Horváth
bamboo quartet: Antal Bodóczky, András Gross, Gergely Magyar, Tóbiás Terebessy