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The UNITED FUTURE spot Exhibit has been created within the framework of the UNITED FUTURE program by designologist in cooperation with Medence Csoport – an art and design collective concentrating on sustainable design. Addressing the issues of creative recycling, the UNITED FUTURE spot Exhibit is an eleven-piece exhibition material which well displays the afterlife of our thrown away objects, accumulated garbage and how they regain new value.


The installations are based old, shabby surveyor’s stalls which are eqipped by lamp shades – they appear as giant standing lamps in the exhibit.

This particular design has a message and incorporates the idea of UNITED FUTURE: the exhibit is made of recycled materials, on the other hand it transmits the notion of a more liveable future to people, as well it „reflects”, as a lamp the importance of cooperation and that design is not a mere purpose but rather a tool for the creative designers.


Besides showing examples/best practices for home recycling we also emphasize the role of design in environmentaly conscious thinking focusing on solutions serving sustainable development. We provide an overview on the many objects manufactured according to responsible thinking where alternative use of base materials or professional recycling appears. A selection of big companies’ recycled objects, as well as smaller design firms and Hungarian designers’ works are also shown in the exhibit.

Based upon their basic material, such projects and objects are also shown which well demontrate the multiple possibilities of household recycling.


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by Designologist & Medence Csoport


Installations: Medence Csoport

Content: Sárossy Zsuzsa, designologist


1. Introduction of the UNITED FUTURE spot
2. RECYCLING under industrial circumstances – the way large companies do it
3-4. RECYCLING small scale and individual design products – the way small companies do it
5. RECYCLING small scale and individual design products – the way Hungarian designers do it
6. RECYCLING of plastics – the way you can do it
7. RECYCLING metals, car wheels and bike rubbers – the way you can do it
8. RECYCLING textiles and wood – the way you can do it
9. RECYCLING glass and paper – the way you can do it
10. Medence Csoport and its projects on recycling
11. designologist and its projects on recycling




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