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Staying in the middle of the Octopus scene the giant Venus of Willendorf starts to sing five times a day. Five women of different ages bring out their age and the progress of time through five songs of different tones. The structure is made of airtight textile strengthened with stitched string mesh. A centrifugal fan holds the structure under higher pressure than the normal atmosphere. The above three factors are responsible for preserving the shape of the statue. This technique is suitable for creating large and spectacular installations which are easily transported because of their relatively small weight and packing size.


date: 2008
giant singing statue
venue: Octopus Multi-Art Site, Sziget Festival, Budapest
size: height: 5m
material: rip-stop textile, fan, belts, ropes, waterproof laminated sheets
client: Sziget Ltd.
András Gross
design, construction:
Medence Csoport, Péter Koros, Kálmán Nyilas
sound concept:
Aliz Miklusicsák
Evelin Tóth, Anne-Clarie Merucci, Marika Siposné, Aliz Miklusicsák, Erzsi Kiss.
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